Vacation Pet Sitting
We'll visit your home multiple times during the day to care for your pets. Services include feeding, watering, walking, letting out into the backyard, playtime, medicine administration, lots of love
and cuddles and many other services you may request. We'll also bring in your mail and
newspaper and water your plants, as requested.

Daily Dog Walking or Let Outs
When you work a full-time job, many dogs can't - or shouldn't - "hold it" that long. This is especially true for puppies and older dogs.  We are available to come to your home every work
day during an established time frame to give your dog a brisk walk, a leisurely stroll, or playtime
in the backyard.

Overnight Pet Sitting
Some pets need a little more human companionship and for those animals, we're available to do some overnight pet sitting.  When we stay overnight, we're in your home no fewer than 10
hours overnight. Your pets will get all their required care, plus a lot of individualized love and
attention. It is best to reserve Overnight visits as soon as possible to ensure our availability.

Cat Sitting & Bunny Sitting
In most cases, if the cat(s)or bunnies have no health issues, cats can be visited just once or twice a day when you're away on vacation.

Special Needs
We're experienced with the needs of pets who have health or behavioral problems.  We can administer Sub-Q fluids, insulin shots, ointments, oral meds, change dressings, check blood
glucose and more.  We also have the patience to work with dogs with behavior issues. We will
work with any breed dog.

Horse Care
We now offer basic horse care, including feeding, watering, medication administration, turn out & some grooming.

Reiki Energy Healing
Fran is a Reiki Master with a specialty in healing for animals. Reiki can provide relief from pain, aid in healing and help beloved pets as they near the end of their lives.

Other Services
Got other pet or home-related needs not listed here? Just ask!  We try to be flexible and accommodating.