About Us
About Us
Happy Tails Professional Pet Sitting is
owned and operated by Fran Marshall with
Janet Flynn also performing pet sitting
services. We have been in business since
2006. We provide in-your-home pet care
for dogs, cats, fish, birds, bunnies, small
pets (gerbils, etc.), turtles and some
barnyard animals.  

After a career in writing, editing and
design, Fran turned a long-time hobby of
pet sitting, as well as a passion for
animals, a gift for relating to them and
accumulated knowledge of pet care, into a
full-time career.

Fran is a native of Winston-Salem and has
returned to Winston after living in High
Point for more than 16 years.  She has
four dogs, two elderly Maltese (Harry &
Sally), Maddie, a rescued Pit mix who
nearly died from heart worms when she
first adopted her and Annabelle, a
beautiful mature Golden/Lab Mix. She also
has a cat named Clancy.

Fran is particularly good with shy dogs
and with pets with health problems.  She
calls them her "special needs babies."  
She is experienced at administering all
kinds of medication, including shots and
Sub-Q fluids. She also has extensive lay
knowledge in animal behavior, health and
nutrition and a particular interest in the
role nutrition plays in an animal's health.  
She is constantly educating herself on
issues in pet behavior, health, nutrition
and more.  She also does volunteer work
with local animal rescue groups.

Janet is a High Point native.  A full-time
marketing and business teacher at High
Point Central High School, Janet helps
Fran out in the evenings, weekends and
during vacations.  She is newer to pet
care, but she has a very special "touch"
and the animals absolutely love her.  She
loves to take the time to get to know each
of the animals for whom she cares.  
"Loving on the babies" is her favorite part
of the job and she does it with relish!

Janet has two cats, her 20 lb. big boy
Nicky and his slightly smaller brother,

We are both mature and established in the
community.  You can be comfortable
having us in your home and caring for
your pets. We will treat your pets and
protect your pets as we treat and protect
our own.  We take a great deal of pride in
our work and in our reputations.