"Exceptional Service!!: I can't say enough
wonderful things about Happy Tails Pet Sitting
Services. Fran is a natural with all animals, I
have a dog who won't go to anyone except me
and he took right to Fran. My cats love her and
she is so good with them. Once I met Fran I
didn't have a moments hesitation about the
quality of care my babies would have while I
was gone! Fran is wonderful and I highly
recommend her!!"

"Having never left my animals with a pet sitter
before, I was skeptical until I met Fran and saw
her interact with our babies. They took right to
her and I knew they were going to be in good
hands. I would highly recommend using Happy
Tails Pet Sitting as Fran is wonderful and our
pets received excellent care in their own home.
We will continue to use her services and gladly
recommend her services to others!"

"Happy Tails is a great pet sitting company. Fran
is wonderful with my dogs. One of my dogs is
very afraid of people other than family and he
just adores her. She knows just how to deal with
him. I never worry when I leave my babies in
their care."

"I could not be happier with Happy Tails. Fran
and Janet are fantastic and my pets love them."

"Fran makes my life work. I can just call her
when I'm in a jam time-wise and she makes
sure my babies are taken care of. I have a
changing schedule and she is always happy to
take care of what I need. I don't know what I
would do without her."

"My old cat has a lot of health problems and I
was always worried about leaving her. Fran can
give her fluids and her pills and I don't worry
when I leave her."

"Sometimes I think my dogs would rather be
with Fran than they would with me."

"Happy Tails goes above and beyond. Fran
does most my pet sits, but Janet is wonderful,
too. I think my dogs would go home and live
with them if we let them."

"Fran is doing a great job of helping me potty
train my puppies. I couldn't do it without her."

"As soon as I met Fran, I knew I would be
comfortable having her in my home and taking
care of my babies."
Serving Winston-Salem, Kernersville & High Point
since 2006

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Overnight Pet Sits
Vacation Pet Sits
Medication Administration
including shots, pills & subcutaneous fluids
Pet Taxi
Basic Horse Care
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